Sunday, October 7, 2007

Inspiration for the week

"Allow the children to come to Me – do not forbid them – for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” This was the rebuking words of Jesus to his disciples, when they try to prevent the children to come to Him.

This past Friday-evening, a couple of our church’s high school youth action, went to visit the newfound satellite home of the Durbanville Children’s Home, which is situated in Kraaifontein.

It turned out to be a wonderful evening for both the children and the high school children of our church. Chris, the proponent(a proponent is a minister of the Word who has not yet been legitimised by the Dutch Reformed Church’s council) at our church, put two snoeks on the coals for us, whilst the rest of us rediscovered out inner child, when we had some fun with the children of the children’s home. For those who are wondering, there are about 9 children staying at the satellite home, between the ages of 4 and 18.

The most profound thing that I’ve realised, while spending time with the children there, is that they have accepted each other as brothers and sisters, no matter what their ages are, or even the colour of their skin. There is a love between the children, which my words cannot describe.

Also, because of what I have experienced at the children’s home on Friday evening, I have a clearer understanding what Jesus meant by his command to us “To love one another as we would love ourselves.” There is more to this command than just loving and caring for your neighbour, for instance the person you sit with, in the church pews, week in and week out.

This command commands us to really go outside our comfort zone, taking the hands of the people out there, and loving and caring for them, just as Jesus would have done. Then ultimately we will be doing the great Commission, to go to all the corners of the earth and to do, everything, Jesus taught us to do.

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