Saturday, May 3, 2008

Only time will tell

"Why are we so impatient when waiting in queue?".

This thought occurred to me this morning, while standing in a queue in a bank this morning.

I came to the conclusion, that even though we really think about it, our soul acknowledge the fact that time here on earth is so limited and death a real thing, each of us have a certain extend of uncertainty towards death itself.

While searching the net, i found the artwork on the right called "Carpe Diem"by the artist called
Nanoo G. And in this image as you can see is a hand with sand running though its fingers. My interpretation of this artwork is that God is holding our life in His hand(the sand) and every moment more and more of the sand falls away - time that passes by. It is up to us to decide how we would live our life's, before it becomes dust and fades away.

So in a way, our soul is telling us - not by an audible voice, that we must seize every moment of every day!!!

Carpe Diem

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