Sunday, February 10, 2008

The human touch

The biggest killer on earth is not a disease like cancer, but the inability to be inspired by another human being.

If humans were not inspired by another human being, then life would be a living hell. Because any form of inspiration, causes a human to react in a way that could impact people surrounding them in a positive manner.

Words are the main medium of inspiration. It can be written or spoken. Also words can be unwritten or unspoken. The “unwritten” or “unspoken” I am referring to is the things you could do to inspire a person. I try to inspire other people surrounding me using both written and spoken word, but also deeds that might inspire them to make a difference in the world.

Did you know that just because of one person’s action, generation after generation has been saved because of his unselfish love for the human-kind? The same person was labeled peculiar by his own people! The person I am talking about is not just human, but also fully God.

His deeds did not just change parts of the Middle East and Turkey, but is still changing the world as we know it today, and will do the same into the future, until He comes back for a long visit, one or another time.

So, be ready to give up your “house”, because when He moves in, He will never leave! “Never” is a absolute never, not the type you will get at some marriage vows, just to find “never” being over before you can even say “happy 5th anniversary!”.

But what is it about Him that inspired writers, artists, and for that matter, everyday people, to life their lives in a way that is totally different, than what the society would consider as normal. I know that He is the one whose example I want to live by.

I think the reason that I want to live my life in the same way as He did, have to do with the way He treated humans around Him. His compassionate eyes caused Him to weep, due to the suffering in this world, and unlike most of us, that struggle to do something about the suffering in the world, He did something.

With limited resources (2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread), He was able to feed over 5 000 adult men. (The amount of woman and children present at the specific occasion has not even been mentioned)

If you have not figured it out by now, the Person I am talking about is no one else than Jesus Christ. By many He has been seen as a religious nut of some sort, or even a fictional character in a mythical or cultural story-telling.

I believe that He is the King of kings and Lord of lords, and I have seen Him at work in my own life on several occasions, and that He manifested Himself to me in different ways.

During my life so far, I have been involved with three different motor-vehicle accidents, every time just walking away, with a bruise here and a scratch there. There has also been a incident during the course of last year, when a 18-wheeler, try and ran my bakkie (Pickup truck) off the road.

This is not really the point I am trying to make here, but it might be that you are starting to realize that there is a God and He is real. And that Jesus came to this earth to set me and you free.

The point I am trying to make, is that through my words and my actions, I want the world to know that He loves us with an Everlasting love.

Jesus said, just before He ascended into heaven on the clouds, that we must go to all the corners of the earth and make the people that we meet and interact with, His followers, teaching them also the things He taught when He walked the earth.

This includes the sermons on being humble, caring for one another, loving each other with a sacrificial love, a willingness to put another person’s life(and all aspects of that person’s life), before your own. And this does not mean to give another the permission to trample your life into the mud.

A certain aspect of putting another person’s life, before your own, is to stop looking down at other, thinking that certain character-traits of them are inferior to you, and also not to judge them, according to your standards. When Jesus walked the dusty roads of Judea, he treated the Pharisee and the Tax Collector the same, dying for them both on the cross.

I just realized that while I typing the couple paragraphs, before this one that everything Jesus did on this earth was never for Himself, but always, for the people he loved so much. And that through His human touch a lot people has been inspired to live their life’s differently and inspiring others to do the same. In the original Greek, inspiration means literary, “to be breathed upon”. And I believe that through my human touch, God will also breathe upon your heart today.

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